Dental Exam

Our dental exam depends on factors such as time, PPE and infection control, sate-of-the-art tech, and more.


We make a great effort to start every visit on time. If you have to wait, you probably won’t even notice the waiting time finishes in a few mins.

Safety First

Sterilized equipment, enhanced PPF and more to assure the quality of infection control.

State-of-the-art tech

Our X-ray’s done in just a second instead of minutes with 80% less radiation, and digital imaging.

Free Oral Cancer Screening 

We provide a quick and free of charge screen (180 SR value) of oral cancer for peace of mind.

Teeth Cleaning Prices in Al Ahsa

How often should one get teeth cleaning?

It is widely accepted that one should get their teeth cleaned at least once per year. But only that if one does not suffer from any condition. One can easily get their teeth cleaned up at affordable teeth cleaning prices in Al Ahsa with Lumint Dental Clinic. You can connect with us to get an accurate answer to this question.

Can one get a full dental check up in Al Ahsa with Lumint Dental Clinic?

Yes, absolutely. Lumint Dental Clinic is where one can get a full dental check-up in Al Ahsa without any hassle. You can also get your semi-annual regular dental check up in Al Ahsa with Lumint Dental Clinic. Book your appointment with Lumint Dental Clinic today!